Games Out This Week: Borderlands 2, Jet Set Radio and More

Borderlands 2

The big release this month is Borderlands 2, from Gearbox Software, it’s the sequel to Borderlands from 2009. This time around, there’s more guns, characters, classes and enemies. The title will appeal to range a of gamers this time with its dragons, trains, and flying metal robots. Borderlands 2 will offer you and your friends an unforgettable night of laughs, you simply cannot let it pass you by.

Jet Set Radio

12 years ago, one of SEGA’s most icon and memorable games came to life, Jet Set Radio. The game that brought attention to a new street skateboarding style of gameplay is back as a HD download. With a sequel potentially years away, this HD remake should keep you satisfied whilst you’re waiting.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

With bags of mystery, inhabit the latest story of Sherlock Holmes as he works on another case, with very few clues. The Testament is the latest in a long line of games dedicated to the consulting detective. Judging by previous games, this one will either rise or fall depending on the versatility of its voice acting.