Grand Theft Auto III Set to Release on PSN

Gamers of this generation may look up to Call of Duty or Uncharted as being the killer franchises, but last gen, seven years ago, it was Grand Theft Auto that ruled the roost.

Rockstar’s open world, action adventure, Grand Theft Auto III was originally schedule to arrive on PSN in July, however, that never happened. The 2001 shooter’s digital release was curiously delayed back in July, neither Rockstar or Sony was able to provide an adequate reason. Fan rumours suggest that it may of been a song played in the game’s radio which wasn’t copyrighted that caused the delay.

The game isn’t being remade in HD or anything like that, it will simply be ported over and release as a PS2 Classic.

A new date has been pinned for the PS2 Classic’s release and hopefully things don’t go sour this time. The new digital release date for GTA III is September 25, 2012 with a price tag that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Like mostĀ PS2 Classics, Grand Theft Auto III will probably be listed as $9.99 on the store.

The game will release digitally solely in North America, other territories are currently unknown at this time.