Sleeping Dogs’ DLC Detailed

Square Enix are set to release 5 new DLC packs for their open world action adventure, Sleeping Dogs. All 5 of the packs will release throughout October on set dates. With no prices or specific days for fans to grasp onto, the publisher has said that it will continue to support the game with downloadable content for atleast 6 months after launch. Below are the October downloadable packs.

Street Racer Pack

  • A new car race
  • A new bike race
  • A new boat race
  • A new Sting superbike
  • A Dragon Helmet
  • A Racing Jacket


  • 20 new cop missions
  • A unique SWAT outfit
  • A new SWAT van

Tactical Soldier Pack

  • A range of new powerful weapons and armour

Community Gift Pack (Free)

  • Set to contain unknown surprises

The fifth downloadable pack to release in October will be revealed on October 14, 2012 at Comic Con.