Max Payne 3 New Multiplayer Maps DLC

If you’re still hot on Max Payne 3, then there’s 4 new multiplayer maps with the next wave of DLC. Alongside the maps, we’ll also get new weapons, items and a new avatar faction.

Firstly, the DLC will be called ‘Hostage Negotiation’ and will be be available this autumn. The maps were supposed to of been released in the summer, but it never happened. To apologise for this late DLC, Rockstar are releasing new chrome weapons free of charge.

The Hostage Negotiation pack will contain 4 new maps:

  • The Club Moderno
  • Estádio Do Galatians
  • O Palácio Strip Club
  • Favela Heights

The DLC is said to bring “intense nightclub and stadium shootouts,” aswell as let players explore new “gang-infested neighborhoods”.

As for pricing, the pack will cost $9.99 (£6) on Playstation Network and will release this October.