New PSone Classic Tomba! Available on PSN

Tomba! which was originally released in 1997, will be available digitally on the Playstation Store. This will be the first time that the classic platforming adventure has been made available digitally within Europe.

Ray Almeda from MokeyPaw Games commented:


“Playing as a wild jungle boy named Tomba, you have to retrieve your lucky golden bracelet from evil pigs who have overrun neighboring communities. With weapons such as boomerangs, a large mace and boulders at his disposal, Tomba faces a wide range of foes, forest creatures and prehistoric beasts”

“A little bit different from the norm, Tomba!‘s gameplay is structured around earning Adventure Points by completing certain tasks, such as helping trapped villagers or finding a lost item in a cave. Collecting more and more points allows our hero to pass through numerous zones in the game. This is what truly makes Tomba! a unique and classic PlayStation platformer. Gamers are actually rewarded with unique areas that extend the longevity of the adventure.”


Almeda also said that the sub quests in the game will all be different, this keeps the game unique and unpredictable throughout, also that MonkeyPaw Games will continue to release PSone Classics as long as the demand remains present.

Tomba! is available to download now on the Playstation Store.