‘Nightmare in North Point’ Zombie DLC Coming to Sleeping Dogs

Hong Kong’s Triad gang are the subject of a mass zombie invasion in the new Sleeping Dogs DLC. Square Enix’s open world action adventure has had plenty of DLC this month, and the zombie pack is just the latest in a long line of new content.

The new downloadable content pack is called ‘Nightmare in North Point’ and will release on October 30th (the day before Halloween). It’s the first story-driven expansion as all the previous packs have been based around weapons and vehicles.

The story revolves around an undead zombified individual who had been tortured and killed by Hong Kong’s Triads. Now the victim’s back in zombie form with his own revenge-filled army. Undercover cop protagonist, Wei Shen must take down the army of zombies using the new peach wood sword, which is included in the DLC pack.

Sleeping Dog’s zombies are described as having glowing blue eyes and can vanish into the ground leaving a flash of green light.

If zombies weren’t enough, vampires are also included with the DLC for Wei Shen to dispose of.

The Nightmare in North Point DLC will release on October 30th. No price has currently been confirmed.