Today’s Game Review: Dishonored (Arkane Studios)

Before release, I had not been keeping up to date on Dishonored, nor following it, I hadn’t even flicked through any articles. Out of the blue this game peaked my interest, I can’t pinpoint on what it may have been or why, but I just knew I needed this game. The box art of Dishonored and general presence of the cover exudes it from store shelves, it’s also actually quite misleading. So far my experiences with this title have been a magical and almost defining experience of the current generation.

You begin the game with a loading screen that declares “the boldest measures are the safest”, this immediately draws comparisons to the 2K title Bioshock. Your basic set up of first person and two handed fighting (one hand sword, the other pistol,crossbow or magic ) is a direct similarity to Bioshock. The in game world is marvellous, it brings to life a cell shaded environment that has been struck with a plague of rats. The locales have begun to prey on the helpless inhabitants of Dunwall. The main storyline involves the assassination of the empress and your “dis honouring” by means of being framed for said act. Your character ‘Corvo’ is the loyal and dedicated bodyguard of the empress, he is set up and thrown in jail for the murder of his employer. The game opens when a rebel faction rescue Corvo by assisting his escape from prison, they bring him into their camp which acts as your central hub.

You end up becoming a part of this rebellion faction, rebels who are fighting against the authority in charge of Dunwall. Your basic equipment is given to you as well as any upgrades you earn along the way by the rebellious faction.

Dishonored plays however you choose it to, you’re usually edged towards using a more stealthy and non violent approach as this style gives you, the player, a nicer city to venture through. Whereas a brutal approach will push the chaos rating up and will fill the streets with rats and guards making the city’s downfall even more rapid than before.

Now as this is a spoiler free article I won’t venture into any direct plot points but the mentioned play choices will effect your game’s story and ending, infact there are multiple endings which give this game extreme re playability.

Dishonored doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, but a game this beautiful to look at and play has no requirements for one. Overall, if you like your games atmospheric and filled with tension and a gripping story, then Dishonored is a game you simply have to play. It could be the defining game of this generation of consoles. yes it is that good.