5 Reasons Why Wrestling Fans Need WWE 13

With the release of THQ’s WWE 13 almost upon us, here’s 5 reasons that should seal the deal for any wrestling fan.


1. The Attitude Era

To the non-90’s wrestling fans, attitude may not mean a whole lot, but to the ones who watched during this awesome ride of WWE TV, attitude could mean everything. Fuelled by the Monday night wars, it was the single greatest era in WWE history. With the Road to Wrestlemania mode gone this year, THQ have treated us to a career mode that delves into the history vaults re living classic moments such as – the forming of DX, Mankind’s and the Rock’s epic battles and the infamous “Montreal screw-job”, it looks set to be an absolute blast!


2. Mike “The Aninal” Tyson

While old “iron Mike” may be better remembered to some as a world famous boxer, to fans of the WWE, Tyson was one of the integral components in the D Generation X domination that lasted for many years. This is the first time he has been featured as a playable character in a WWE title and initially, he’s only available if you pre-order the game.


3. The Roster

With former superstars from the attitude era alongside modern day superstars, THQ have spoiled us for choice boasting the biggest WWE roster in a game to date! With an initial 85 characters and more to be added via DLC, everyone should find someone that they want to play as!


4. Universe 3.0

Paul Heyman helped write and create 200+ cutscenes for this years Universe Mode which should add lots more entertainment to the mode. Universe Mode is where you get to basically run your own show, from writing scripts to creating backstage moments, this will let you, the player, get into the seat of Vinnie Mac himself!


5. Ice Cream Bars

Now if you are still needing one last nugget to seal the deal, then this is it. CM Punk’s iconic rant on Raw which lead to him making a list of demands including the return of a famous WWE ice cream bar. THQ have included this item in the game for some pre order deals. It’ll also be available to everyone else as DLC at a later date.