All 5 The Walking Dead Game Episodes Retail Disk Details

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is a popular and also quite controversial series of downloadable point-and-click adventure horror video game episodes. 4 of the 5 episodes have been released through 2012, and the final one will hit next month. Characters from the original The Walking Dead comic book series make appearances including vet Hershel Greene and scavenger Glenn.

Telltale Games have announced that all 5 of the downloadable episodes from The Walking Dead will be releasing on a retail disc. There’s also a Collector’s Edition exclusive to GameStop stores for $69.99, which is only available via pre-order.

The Collector’s Edition will contain:

  • The retail disc with all 5 episodes
  • The Walking Dead Compendium One with exclusive Charlie Adlard cover art
  • A Collector’s Edition box with Charlie Adlard packaging

As for the standard edition of the game, it will release on December 4th at $29.99 (£18) for Playstation 3.