Will Giant Sparrow Become The Next thatgamecompany?

In 2006, Jenova Chen, straight out of the University of Southern California, signed  a contract with Sony promising to produce three PSN exclusive games. Chen’s company, the aptly named, thatgamecompany delivered and oh how they delivered. In the six years since the contract began thatgamecompany has given the PSN three of its most acclaimed titles: Flow, Flower, and Journey. You may recognize these titles as being some of the most prominent games on the Playstation Store and for being prime examples for the ongoing video games as art debate. Journey, their latest game, has become the fastest seling game in PSN history, and perhaps the most critically acclaimed.

Now Sony’s three game contract with thatgamecompany is up, their exclusive dominion over the artistic endeavours of Chen and his company is over. Thatgamecompany is still making games, but from now on they will be multiplatform. This is no sad thing for the consumer, but Sony no doubt wishes they could release thatgamecompany’s brilliant games exclusively forever. Time must move on and Sony has recently spotted another promising studio on the horizon. Enter: Ian Dallas, creator of The Unfinished Swan and founder of Giant Sparrow (a university based student development team) coincidence? Sufficiently impressed by the initial scenes of The Unfinished Swan, Sony  offered Giant Sparrow the very same three game contract offered to thatgamecompany. Giant Sparrow accepted and now their first game, The Unfinished Swan, is available on the Playstation Store. The artistic game has already received glowing reviews from multiple sources, some calling it “nothing short of spectacular.” If The Unfinished Swan is any indicator, Giant Sparrow will be a major success. And with beginnings this good, it’s hard to not get excited about what Giant Sparrow will turn out next.