Sleeping Dogs Producer Defends Upcoming Zombie DLC

Nightmare in North Point is a zombie downloadable pack for Sleeping Dogs which is out today. Speaking with Eurogamer, the game’s producer, Dan Sochan has said their’s still life in the zombie genre. Sochan goes on to compare the game’s zombie DLC to that of Infamous 2 and Red Dead Redemption. He says:

“Obviously there’s been other games that have done ‘the undead pack'”… “But we didn’t think it was an overdone genre because we’re looking at Chinese folklore.”

“We’ve not seen Jiang Shi [a reanimated corpse from Chinese legends] in many games before – they appeared in a Castlevania title, but that’s about it. We’re also taking nods from Hong Kong cinema, films such as Big Trouble Little China. So we thought we could bring something that’s still fresh and interesting. It’s over the top, a bit cheeky.”

The Nightmare in North Point DLC will add atleast 3 hours of extra content in the form of story missions and side quests. It’s out today.