Rockstar’s New Info on GTA V, Characters, Abilities, Locations and More!

The first official details about Grand Theft Auto V have been announced by Rockstar Games. They announced all the new details in the latest edition of Game Informer. Here are the new details for Grand Theft Auto V.

First of, the game will have 3 main protagonists, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, all 3 characters will be playable. Throughout GTA V, players will need to switch between the three characters frequently during missions, using a single button press. Having different playable characters allows players to experience the missions through a different perspective each time.

Michael is the first playable character, he has a history of bank robberies under his belt. The now-retired ex bank robber is in his 40s and described as being under a witness protection program. His wife apparently, some how, carted off with his money leaving Michael broke, this is why he’s returning to the life of a criminal.

Throughout the game, we also follow the story of Trevor. He’s described as a “psychopath” who’s also got a history of crime and is prone to violence. Franklin is the final protagonist, he’s the baby of the group. In his mid 20s, he’s described as being “young” and “capable”.

Each of the 3 characters will have a different set of skills. The example Rockstar gave was that Michael can rappel down the side of buildings using a grappling hook and gun out of vehicles. Franklin’s abilities include using a sniper in and out of vehicles whilst Trevor is said to fly helicopters. Players will be faced with a choice as who they want to play as throughout the set mission and which scenario they want to participate in.

Rockstar said that Los Santos in GTA V is “bigger than Read Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV and San Andreas combined.” It will also come with underwater areas for players to explore.

Rockstar also said that they’ve improved the driving physics, noting that cars won’t take off the ground as frequently as in previous games and that the whole experience will be more like a racing game’s experience. Rockstar has also used motion capture technology to implement more realistic movements for pedestrians as well as improved shooting and melee combat. They emphasised that they don’t have any celebrities voicing characters in the game and that they’re more focused on gameplay and story then star backing power.

Some of the features from Rockstar’s western video game, Red Dead Redemption, have been implemented into GTA V like stopping to check vacant cars and picking up hitchhikers from the side of roads.

Grand Theft Auto’s classic cloth customisation will be present in this game, however height and weight changes cannot be made. Some of the features that were once on the phone’s menu have been moved onto the start menu, however they haven’t scrapped it entirely. It is now a smartphone and is used for receiving important information.

When not in missions, players can freely switch between each character and discover their personal lives. Michael’s wife and son will be included in the game, Franklin will have his friend Lamar as a background character whilst Trevor’s personal life will involve his friend named Ron. Some of you will be happy to know that romance missions from Grand Theft Auto IV are now gone from the series and won’t be present in GTA V.

There’s also a list of multiplayer activities on offer in Grand Theft Auto V ranging from yoga, triathalons, jet skiing, base jumping, tennis and golf.

Buying houses, a feature which has been present in previous Grand Theft Auto games won’t be included in the upcoming GTA V, however Rockstar did say that there are other things to spend your money on, but didn’t clarify too specifically what.

Also confirmed for the game, minor characters from Grand Theft Auto IV will be making appearances, but no one major like Niko.

Finally, Rockstar are releasing a new trailer on November 14th which will outline a few details within the game, we’ll be sure to have that up. Grand Theft Auto V will be releasing Spring 2013 for Playstation 3.