Ubisoft Issue New Thanksgiving Patch For AC3

Today, Ubisoft announced they’ll be sending out a patch of Assassin’s Creed 3. The patch will be available next week (Thanksgiving) and will add a number of things including the ability to alter Connor’s hood and several multiplayer tweeks. Below is the list of fixes as announced by Ubisoft’s Community Developer UbiGabe.

  • SINGLE-PLAYER – Returned Connor’s hood to normal behavior at the end of the game (hood remains up when in Frontier or Cities)
  • SINGLE-PLAYER – Reduced difficulty of certain chases
  • SINGLE PLAYER – Fixed Various visual glitches
  • SINGLE-PLAYER – Fixed player spawn points to reduce desynch on spawn
  • SINGLE PLAYER – Fixed rare occurrences of glitches blocking your progression in the main story & secondary missions
  • MULTIPLAYER – Tweaked settings to improve connections
  • MULTIPLAYER – Tweaked some of the abilities and other gameplay elements
  • MULTIPLAYER – Fixed some issues with ranking

Ubisoft’s Community Developer said the patch will be out next week, which is between November 19th – 25th.